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Fueling Excellence in Every Athlete

Optimizing Performance through Sports Nutrition

Welcome to Cafe Nutrition, where your athletic aspirations meet expert nutritional guidance. We believe that sports nutrition is the cornerstone of athletic success. It's not just about eating healthily; it's about fuelling your body in a way that maximizes your performance and ensures long-term health and wellbeing.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that optimal athletic performance comes from a perfect blend of expert-led nutritional guidance and personalized diet plans. We combine the latest in sports nutritional science with traditional Indian dietary practices, providing a unique, balanced approach to athlete nutrition.

What We Offer


Personalized Athletic Diet Plans

Tailored to the specific demands of your sport, training intensity, and physiological needs along with your taste preferences and lifestyle.


Performance-Driven Nutrition

With a focus on nutrient-dense, energy-boosting foods, we ensure that your diet is perfectly balanced for both training and recovery.


Long-Term Nutritional Strategies

We believe in developing long-lasting, healthy eating habits rather than temporary fixes.

Your Annual Sports Nutrition Roadmap in Four Steps


Body Composition Assessment

Your sports nutrition journey kicks off with a Body Composition Assessment. We evaluate your current physique, muscle mass, and fat percentage to set a baseline. We also take a deep dive into your athletic history, performance goals, and food preferences to create a nutrition strategy that’s as unique as your game.


Monthly Nutrition Strategy

Each month, you’ll receive a nutrition plan crafted to adapt to your training cycle, seasonal changes, and performance objectives, ensuring you're always at your peak.


Ongoing Engagement

We champion a tailored approach to support. Prefer a monthly face-to-face session to stay on track, or is a text more your speed? We suit it to fit your style, providing consistent support the way you want it.


Continuous Support and Expertise

We're here to fuel your performance with insights that make a difference. You'll also get education material on the principles of sports nutrition, helping you understand exactly what you need to stay at the top of your game.

Why Cafe Nutrition Stands Out
  • Experts with Specialized Experience

    Our fitness nutritionist is not just academically qualified but also brings a wealth of hands-on experience in sports nutrition.

  • Personalized Approach

    Recognizing that no two athletes are the same, our Sports Nutrition program offers personalized nutrition plans that take into account an individual's sport, position, body composition, metabolism, and personal goals.

  • Educational Learning

    Beyond just providing a diet plan, we educate athletes on the role of nutrition in performance, how to make smart food choices, and the principles of maintaining an optimal diet.

  • Flexible and Adaptive

    The program adapts to the changing needs of the athlete as they go through different phases of training, competition, and off-season.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach

    We work closely with your coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, and psychologists to ensure that the nutrition plan complements the overall training and recovery program.

  • Outcome-Focussed

    Our sports nutrition program is designed to deliver measurable improvements. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the nutrition plan through performance outcomes, physiological measures, and athlete feedback to ensure that goals are being met.

Your Questions, Answered

We use the advanced InBody 270 body composition analyzer for our assessments. Understanding your body composition helps us tailor your diet to support muscle development or fat loss, as needed, to ensure you're in the best possible shape to meet the physical demands of your sport.

We honour all dietary preferences and restrictions, crafting a plan that aligns with your ethical choices while meeting all your nutritional requirements.

Our fitness nutritionist offers evidence-based advice on supplements, including when they're necessary and how to use them safely and effectively.

If you experience an injury, we will adjust your nutrition plan to aid in your recovery and rehabilitation. Nutrition strategy will focus on preventing muscle loss and malnutrition. Nutrients to maintain bone mass density, immunity and health will be a part of the nutrition plan.

Yes, our sports nutrition program includes strategies for eating well on the road, ensuring you can stick to your nutrition plan wherever you are. Right from maintaining adequate hydration to packing nutrient rich snacks to selecting the right foods at mealtimes is an important component of the program.

Undesirable weight changes can change body composition and can negatively impact sports performance. Our program is tailored considering the sport and the weight goals.

Results can vary based on your goals, adherence to the nutrition plan, and your starting point. Some athletes notice improvements in stamina and performance within a few weeks, while increment in muscle mass and strength can take longer.

You'll have regular check-ins with our fitness nutritionist to discuss your progress, challenges, and any adjustments needed. We also provide ongoing education and resources to help you understand and implement your nutrition plan, along with access to our team for any questions that may arise.

We measure the success of our program through a combination of performance improvements, satisfaction with the diet, and positive changes in body composition. Incremental changes in speed, stamina, energy levels and strength are also indicators of success of success of our program.

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