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Café Nutrition is a goal-oriented leader in health and nutrition, administering the principles of nutrition to improve the health of people. Our purpose is to deliver positive transformations through scientific knowledge and the right tools. We provide custom-built quality solutions in nutrition that support the well-being of people at every stage of life.

Over the last 10 years, Café Nutrition, with a team of the best dietitians in Mumbai has guided Individuals, Corporates, Schools & Institutions in achieving a wide variety of health goals using a process–driven yet personalized approach. Our well-crafted & customized nutrition consulting programs help individuals lead fuller, disease-free lives, companies to raise productivity and profit with happier healthier employees and schools to achieve academic and sporting success by building strong children. We take a holistic approach to creating lasting dietary and lifestyle changes.

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24, Sep. 2023

Red wine which is made by crushing red grapes is a rich source of resveratrol which is a polyphenol found in the skin of grapes. So, if you do not drink alcohol, there isnt a need to start with wine just for the probable benefits. And, if you are one who enjoys red wine, do so in moderation. But, rather than relying on just one compound for good health, what works best is a good and healthy diet with a variety of foods from the different food groups, regular exercise and a change in lifestyle habits. ...

By Arati Shah

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22, Sep. 2023

A sedentary lifestyle can have many negative effects. ...

By Arati Shah

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